19th August 2011

[57] Aspects of Aircraft Design and Control, Project 3

lecture 3

lecture 3 (wing geometry) v1.1

project 3

project 3 (wing loads) v1.0

A very rich lecture and an interesting, if rather unsuccessful, project. See my commentary about this project on my blog.

Many improvements, indeed far too many to list here, were brought to the slides since they were first used in class (v1.0).

Media used in these documents:

The following photos would be in the slides if they were free... I tried to purchase these shots to put them on Wikipedia but could not get in touch with the photographers. Any help getting in contact with these people would be very appreciated.

Documents I created that I then published on the Commons:

Documents I created that will be published on the Commons later this year:

  • Expected and real lift distributions figures
  • Visual explanation for circulation (unsure about copyright status)
  • Trailing and starting vortices behind glider
  • Induced downwash figures used in lifting line theory demo
  • All wing shape diagrams (unsure how to publish)
  • Principle of the dihedral figures
Tags: aspects_aircraft_design (lnk)