24th August 2011

[59] Aspects of Aircraft Design and Control, Project 5

lecture 5

lecture 5 (scale and testing) v1.1

project 5

project 5 (wind tunnel design) v1.0

Quite a hefty lecture, that will need some clean-up next year. An enormous amount of material was created for these slides.

A set of remarks accompanies this release on my blog.

Other people’s work used in these slides:

Public Domain media scanned/reworked from books and contributed back:

Derivative works:

Media built for this lecture and released on the Wikimedia Commons:

Media built for this lecture, not yet released:

  • A320 wing profile (will be a nice one)
  • Reynolds-number effects on flow attachment figure
  • Pressure variation in tubes figures (will require work on Bernouilli eq. page to help anywhere)
  • A few pictures, mostly of a wind tunnel, by myself.

The beutiful 1904 drawings by Ludwig Prandtl are not published on the Commons, because although they are public domain in the USA (published before 1923) they are not in Germany (Prandtl died in 1953). +70 years brings us to August 2023!

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