30th August 2011

[61] Aspects of Aircraft Design and Control, Project 7

lecture 7

lecture 7 (aircraft trim) v1.1

project 7

project 7 (aircraft trim) v1.0

This lecture features guest lecturer Hamassala David Dicko who also shares authorship for the lecture source files.

It must be noted that several data in the project appendix, such as the wing root dimensions, are wrong by a factor of more than two. We found this out too late in the project set-up process to be able to correct them (this will be done for the next edition). The overall meaning and solving process in the project are not affected.

This was quite an outstanding lecture, and a rather modest project. A set of remarks accompanies this release on my blog.

Media used in this release:

  • A vast number of photos by the generous Vincent Edlinger (on Flickr, on Airliners.net)
  • 742 sideview drawing from lost source, would likely make for a good PD addition to the Wikimedia Commons
  • 3-axis streamlined ULM photos CC-0 by Olivier Cleynen
  • Cessna 172 cockpit CC by-sa Wikimedia contributor Markus Sümnick
  • 777 cockpit photo CC by Flickr user wbaiv

Many drawings were created for the purpose of this lecture but I don’t see any being published on the Wikimedia Commons (they only make sense within the context of a course).

Tags: aspects_aircraft_design (lnk)