4th February 2012

[78] Aspects of Aircraft Design and Control, project 3

lecture 3

lecture 3 (Wing Design) v1.2

The structure and content of the lecture are almost unchanged. I did take the time, however, to re-draw a number of figures. The transition from 2D to 3D-lift (using the lifting-line theory), which I see as a pinnacle of the course, is better described and gives me full satisfaction.

The volume of slides has grown again and this worries me; chances are this lecture won’t quite fit within the 2,5 hr slot. Since the only content within the lecture which is critical to the project is the vocabulary, I will likely skip some parts as I go this week.

project 3

project 3 (Wing Loads) v1.2

I simply changed the aircraft size from 150-pax to 400-pax and clarified the text a little.

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