20th April 2012

[93] Aspects of Aircraft Design and Control, lecture 7

lecture 7

lecture 7 (Longitudinal trim) v2.0

I have explored the concept of airfoil aerodynamic moment coefficient in a much more rigorous way. In addition to the constant-speed (wind-tunnel) experiments, I have now drawn diagrams for the constant-lift (aircraft flight) case. This is much more satisfactory for several reasons:

  • This brings into light the relevance of using coefficients for forces and moments, rather than just the plain values;

  • This "wind tunnel" vs. "aircraft flight" (constant speed vs. constant lift) distinction is an important, difficult one – I wish we would more systematically insist on it in books and lectures.

Overall, an improvement I am particularly satisfied with. My understanding of the phenomenon certainly grew while drawing this out.

Tags: aspects_aircraft_design (lnk)