15th August 2011

[56] Aspects of Aircraft Design and Control, Project 2

lecture 2

lecture 2 (runway performance) v1.1

project 2

project 2 (runway performance) v1.0

The slides are very nearly identical to those used in class last March (v1.0).

This project was by far the hardest of the course. A whole set of comments accompanies this release on my blog (your comments are welcome!).

Media used in these documents:

The following photos would be in the slides if they were free... I tried to purchase these shots to put them on Wikipedia but could not get in touch with the photographers. Any help getting in contact with these people would be very appreciated.

Documents I created that will be published on the Commons later this year:

  • Forces applying on an aircraft (unsure whether this is needed)
  • Balanced Field Length diagram
Tags: aspects_aircraft_design (lnk)