26th January 2012

[76] Aspects of Aircraft Design and Control, project 1 & 4

I skipped straight to project 4 (in the second class session) in an effort to help a few students get back on track. Project 4 is by far the easiest of the series; that should help soothe things out.

project 4

project 4 (cruise performance) v1.1.1

Virtually no change in the project (if it ain’t broken...). I removed the theoretical part (derivation of the Breguet range equation), which was covered as part of the lecture.

lecture 4

lecture 4 (cruise performance) v1.2

  • Added historical note about Lilienthal (this worked well in class);

  • Added Payload-range for the P-180 Avanti (I am buying one of those as soon as I can afford it);

  • Covered the Breguet range equation in the slides (rather than in the project).

project 1

project 1 (flight domain) v1.2.1

Minor modification to the illustration

lecture 1

lecture 1 (basic flight mechanics) v1.2.1

  • Clarified slides about drag as a function of speed ("Power and Speed on the Ground" section)

  • Re-drew helicopter and aircraft schematics used to illustrate downwash;

  • Clearer description of project at end of slides.

Tags: aspects_aircraft_design (lnk)